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>> and there you have it. there you have it. the stop the madness and start things moving by participant san smoothie. "weekends with alex witt" up next. terror warning. at least one person in the know said the worldwide travel alert is based on a very specific threat. the latest from washington on this specific story. congress leaves town. one of its final acts before summer recess. something it's done 40 times before. look who's talking. anthony weiner again. the surprise question he asked one reporter. a-rod talks about why some parties will benefit. who does he mean? let's get to what's happening
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right there as we have this developing news. alarming. new details on that unusual worldwide travel alert issued by the state department. it comes after a decision to shut down 22 embassies and consulates tomorrow mostly in the middle east and africa. its reaction to this threat is heighten concern. andrea mitchell has more on what triggered the massive closures and reaction. good morning, andrea. >> reporter: hi there, alex. administration officials and members of congress have been briefed on this and said it is the most serious threat in years. of particular concern, targets in the middle east and north africa. not necessarily limited to those areas. the administration is not taking chances. it is posing 22 embassies and consulates from a algeria all the way east to bangladesh, including cairo.
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>> reporter: this latest terrorist threat comes as the u.s. embassy faces violent street protests. they have beefed up additional security. >> reporter: in kabul. >> reporter: an embassy official said this is one of the most serious warnings they have received in a very long time. security measures that will take place include restricted movement. that means no embassy car will leave the compound. as for afghan staff, be they will not be coming in to work. >> reporter: the list could grow on monday. the state department warned of the potential for terror attacks by al qaeda and its affiliates. in the region and beyond from now until the end of august. and specifically citing attacks against subway and rail systems, aviation and maritime services. the most likely place for an attack, attacks possibly occurring in or emanating from
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the peninsula. >> i thank the strong cooperation they have offered when it comes to counterterrrorism. >> reporter: the british are closing their embassy in yemen for two days. members of congress were briefed by the vice president and other top officials. >> it is a very serious threat, the most detailed threat i have seen in the last 5 to 10 years. >> when you have the actionable intelligence about a potential attack, you take the steps necessary to protect personnel. >> mr. the house this week did vote to deploy more marines and hire more contractors. instead of relying on local militias who could be working for al qaeda as they did in benghazi last year. none of the reforms are fully in place yet. >> andrea mitchell, thank you so
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much. as an tkraoe reported, the embassy in kabul is one of the 22 that will close tomorrow. what are you hearing from embassy officials regarding this unusual move by the state department? >> reporter: good morning, alex. well, the embassy here in afghanistan is no stranger to closing down the embassy because of threats. they have done it in the past and will continue to do it in the future when it comes to terrorist networks. when i spoke to an official in kabul, he said this has been one of the most major threats they have seen in a long time primarily because of its global implications. they will go with normal procedures when it comes to closing down. no vehicle will leave the compound. any meetings that were coming in from outside the embassy, those have been canceled. and the afghan staff have actually been asked not to come
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to work. when i spoke to the filler and asked if it was just going to be sunday or if it was going to go on, they're not sure. they're not clear where the target is going to be. they're not sure if it is going to be afghanistan. all they know is they need to take precautionary steps because the embassy at afghanistan have been targeted in the past by gunmen, bombs, suicide bombers, and the list goes on and on. alex? >> well, absolutely. what can you tell us about an attempted terrorist attack in jalalabad? >> reporter: very good question. because this relates directly to embassy and consulate securities when it comes to afghanistan. it's not just the americans who are targeted, although they are the frequent targets here. the indian consulate wanted to be targeted by suicide bombers. they prematurely detonated inside their own vehicles. three bombers were in vests. but still killing nine
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civilians. >> atia, thank you so much. so, how seriously are american travelers taking this warning? the reactions run from blase. >> i'm flying anyway. you can get hit by a bus crossing the street. >> i'm not going to stop. that's surrendering. >> they want us to be afraid. that's why i'm not afraid. >> will it affect your travel plans? follow me on twitter. i will read some of your tweets throughout the day on the broadcast. . new this morning, president obama remains steadfast on pushing his economic plan for the middleclass. >> what we're lacking is action from washington. and that's why in addition to proposing ideas we know will grow our economy, i put forward a strategy for breaking through the washington l.
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>> house republicans pushed through legislation that would prevent the irs from implementing the foo affordable care act, the 40th time the house has voted on an appeal that would replace obama care. in minutes, we'll get reaction from washington, to congress's recess and health care vote. new information in the case of a massive outbreak of a stomach illness. fda conforms a link between a salad mix ridge nating in mexico and psych low spore ra outbreak. time warner cable has dropped cbs in about eight markets including new york, los angeles, and dallas. the cable network is owned by cbs, including showtime and tmc. they have also gone dark. it happened after both companies failed to reach a deadline last
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night. they're trying to extend their contract. cbs wants to raise the fees as much as $600 >> now to the weather. we're seeing a cool, dry start to this weekend here in the northeast. out in the rockies, some states could see violent weather. dylan dreyer is here with the forecast. good morning, dylan. >> hey, alex, good morning. a little cooler than average, especially through the northern plains and also into new england especially as we go into tomorrow. temperatures this afternoon should warm into the 70s and 80s in chicago. but that is stillwell below average for this time of year. we are talking about some rain. our heaviest rain will be right through the midwest. southern missouri, northern arkansas. we have watches and warnings because of the heavy activity we're seeing. that will move to the southeast, northern arkansas. naturally we have flash flood watches and warnings and river flooding possible over the
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course of today and even into tomorrow as well. we're keeping an eye on the remnants of what was tropical storm dorian. it is off the east coast of florida. but it is expected to take a turn to the north and east. we won't see much rain. chicago, 76. nice and comfortable. good deal of sunshine. most of the thunderstorms today in kansas city. any of the thunderstorms in the mid atlantic shouldn't arrive until later this evening. 80 in new york city. late day storms possible. mid-70s. 73 in chicago on sunday. the the heat is sitting down south, the southwest. temperatures well above 100 degrees in texas. >> dylan dreyer, thanks very much. a-rod addresses the speculation that his baseball career may be over. he talks in riddles, though. what does he mean? having a heart attack.
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i think it's fair to presume if they're ringing the alarm bells now, based on what we know in prior occasions, very likely once again there's a human source that's talking about something imminent. it's not clear what the target is, exactly when it's going to be, but there's something very specific apparently here again from a human source suggesting there really is something in the works. >> and that is nbc terrorism analyst evan coleman's take to issue a global travel warning and closing embassies. joining me is. >> eric: blake. i'll start with you, erin. this is a pretty dramatic step they are taking right now. they are making alarming statements. what are you hearing?
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>> you know, there's not a lot of detail on this. we have seen statements from the state department, for instance, that suggest this is out of abundance of caution, that there is no specific information. we saw congressman peter king, former chairman of the house foreign affairs committee saying basically this is one of the most specific targets he's seen in five or 10 years. so there's information all across the board. i think what is interesting about this is that it's happening basically a year after what happened in benghazi. i think there is an abundance of caution. >> is there any word on what would prompt an alarming warning. are you getting any read from that officially? >> well, like aaron said, many lawmakers are not at liberty about what they're briefed about in the obama administration.
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the top maryland said it wouldn't be on top chitchat. that is something they hear all the time. he was told this really goes to another level. that's why the state department sent out this travel warning. the other thing i would add, the the state department hasn't done this since the benghazi attack. it's interesting precedent. we will be watching closely. >> interesting for what i'm reading as well. this is a potential target based not just against u.s. interests but western interests in general. keep that in mind. house republicans pushed through legislation to repeal obama a care. that was the second, third -- no. that was the 40th time they did that. even though this is not going to go anywhere in the democratly controlled senate. here's what he writes. republicans have taken themselves hostage.
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if democrats don't give them their way on obama care. so how were congressional republicans justifying this 40th vote to repeal owe bam a ma care? what is the point? >> look, i don't think this is necessarily about getting rid of obama care. i think what republicans see is a huge federal bureaucracy that's being implemented. there's already trouble with that implementation given the delay on the requirement to provide health insurance. they think this will be the train wreck that they have suggested it could be. and so when that happens, they say we have been working for years to stop this from being put into law, they think that's a good argument for them. this is more about the after action than stopping something from becoming law. >> i'm looking specifically
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about the senate and the governor of texas. so what is this all about. >> cornin is calling for an equivalent vote. it will never happen because the senate is controlled by democrats. what republicans are doing is trying to keep scandals involving the obama administration in the headlines. so this bill and cornin's bill would precollecting tax revenues that are going to fund the law. >> so they are basically using what happened in ohio to say they can't be impartial and they will look at political groups and tart that. >> health policy experts are skeptical. many of the functioning they will carry out under obama care are in premeditated systems that don't require a lot of discretion by officials.
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i guess we will wait and see. it is very unlikely it will take place. >> your latest one, aaron, is entitled guess who likes the gop's 20-week abortion ban? women. so what's this about? >> it's counter conventional wisdom. people generally assume women are more supportive of abortion rights than men. some polls show they are. but when it comes to abortion restrictions, specifically the 20-week ban versus what is currently the law, which is 24 weeks, women are more in favor of changing that window under which you can have unrestricted abortions from 24 weeks to 20 weeks. in fact, the washington, d.c. post, abc poll and quinnipiac showed two-thirds of women said change the window to 20 weeks or have no abortions at all. so i think this reflects the fact that whatever you want to say about the push for various
4:19 am
restrictions in states, this 20-week ban isn't necessarily the the same thing as increasing restrictions on abortion providers and things like that. i think republicans, as they look at bringing this issue up in the senate, have to actually look at this as potentially a winner for them. this could put democrats in a tough position. >> good to see you both. to baseball now. the big question, alex rodriguez's days numbered? a-rod played third base in a minor league game. word that the new york yankee could be hit as early as this weekend with a long suspension or even a lifetime ban has been looming over the field. >> i will say this, there's more than one party that benefits from me not ever stepping back on the field. that's not my teammates and that's not yankees fans.
4:20 am
>> who benefits in. >> i can't tell you right now, and i hope i never have to. >> ron mott is joining us with the very latest. okay. so who is he talking about do you think? is it opposing players, other teams? i can't figure out who he is talking about? >> well, he left us guessing, as you heard there. it seems to be a shot at the new york yankees front office. obviously he wouldn't say. or maybe even the commissioner. what he did go on to say is he thought this was unfair, that players coming into the league, should be very concerned about efforts to restructure or re-do contracts. he has a very large contract. he is still owed $90 million. obviously he wants to collect on that money. so we believe that perhaps he was making a knock toward the front office of the yankees organization. >> can i ask quickly how he was received at the game? >> i would say it was mixed. when he came out for warmups, there was applause.
4:21 am
but there was a smattering of boos. we asked him, you got booed when you hit that home run from some people and then he struck out for the home team crowd and they cheered. >> he said these are probably philly fans down here. when you're on the road like i am, it was probably an honor to be booed. it was mixed reviews. they were all disappointed he is caught up again in a doping investigation. >> well, reports are he has to give his decision on what he is will to deal with by 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. we will watch that closely. thank you, ron mott. >> you bet. our big three money headlines are next. also, we want to hear more from you. head over to facebook and search "weekends with alex witt" and like us, won't you? [ male announcer ] this is bob,
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about the job jobs. break them down. >> sluggish at best. 162,000 jobs added. the expectation was 185,000. even whispers of 200,000. so way off. to put it in perspective, at this rate it will take seven more years to make up for the jobs lost in what is now deemed as the great recession. and it gets worse. because even though unemployment is down slightly, it's a bit misleading because participation is down. you've got to remember, every day 10,000 baby boomers retire. what is replacing those jobs, two-thirds of the jobs are part-time largely in the retail sector, which is notorious for low wages. >> a lot of mill lessen kwrals are living at home with their parents. >> a lot of people in the
4:26 am
industry are saying selection. these days you can't have a few models you have to have lots of models. there seems to be something about a truck, to borrow a line from a country song. g.m., 16%. ford, 11%. these are sales to consumers, not fleet sales or commercial sales where the margins are lower. >> that is certainly good news for detroit. what about the cable channel making its big screen debut. you know what we're talking about. >> so bad it's good. it's called sharknado. it refers to sharks and tore ney dough. a tornado sweeps in and it starts to pour sharks. the power of twitter made it a cult phenomenon. they said take cover in 200 different movie theaters, like a rocky horror picture show cult following. people showed up in droves.
4:27 am
from a business standpoint, the production company called the asylum only spent $1 million to $2 million on this film and other projects. and they have never lost money. you know, alex, from following the blockbusters this year, that's a real feat in hollywood. they call them mockbusters. it could be the new model. >> i watched it. it was so bad it was good. what can i say? regina, thank you so much. jay-z with bill maher. >> i don't really want to scare america. but the real problem is there's no middleclass, right? so the gap between the have and have-nots is getting wider and wider. i do want to scare them a little bit. it will be a problem that no amount of police can solve. once you have that sort of oppression and that gap is
4:28 am
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with alex witt". 22 u.s. dippic posts prepare to close tomorrow because of an unspecified threat, officials are weighing in on how serious a threat this is. kristin welker, good morning to you. how concerned is the white house after those unspecified threats. is there a particular error officials are zeroing in on? >> alex, good morning to your first question. white house officials are concerned. they point out this is highly unusual. state department officials saying they are acting out of abundance of caution. so here's what we want. 22 embassies will close tomorrow in 17 different countries. mostly in the middle east and north africa. officials won't go into great deal about the exact nature of the threat. they believe it is coming from
4:32 am
al qaeda. they say it is really serious and these steps are necessary. listen to what representative peter king had to say from new york. >> we're not certain exactly where something might happen, but it's very specific as to when and it's also very specific as to the fact that it is going to happen. so we have to be on alert everywhere. there is a possible threat coming out of the arabian peninsula. they are really focusing on yemen. the met with the president of yemen earlier this week. there have been three drone strikes this past week in yemen alone. now, the british also closing its embassy for two days. no word how long they will be closed down. we know president obama has been updated on this situation. we will continue to get updates throughout the weekend.
4:33 am
in terms of that travel alert, that will extend through the end of august. so officials here really monitoring this situation. all travelers who are heading overseas are told to go to the state department website first for information. >> and we'll continue to ask you in there and bring it to us. >> thanks, alex. let's go to new york and anthony weiner. the former congressman said he's trying to get his campaign back on track and insists he will not drop the out. our affiliate wnbc sat down with him for a combative interview. good morning. >> good morning. two weeks of scandalous headlines threatened to derail his campaign for mayor. the former congressman insists that's an old scandal. i asked whether once and for all he's done with sexting.
4:34 am
>> when was the last time you sent is a sexually explicit text or e-mail? >> at this period a year ago or so. i don't have any of the records. i deleted everything. it was something i put behind me. >> so it's not going to be this year? not 2013? >> no. no. absolutely not. >> and you're not currently engaged in a nonexplicit online -- >> 100% no. >> with that anthony weiner hopes to get back to the politics of running for new york city. he used to be known for his theatrics on the house floor. >> sit down. i will not. >> now trying to get back on message with his embattled campaign. >> i made the decision. >> his wife stood by her husband when the second text ting scandal broke last month. since then, the long-time aide to hillary clinton has stayed out of the spotlight. >> a lot of people wouldn't want
4:35 am
to wife's boss. but your wife's boss is hillary clinton. >> i have no reason to be she's annoyed. >> his campaign derailed when new pictures and stories surfaced. he continued sending messages for more than a year after his resignation from congress. when i asked him why he hadn't disclosed that before, he got combative. >> andrew, you can if you want use this entire interview to talk about the scandal. look, i know it's out there. i did these things. at what point do i get to say let me talk about the issues important to the city of new york. when do i get to say that, do you think? >> he thinks his handling of the scandal could help in terms of showing perseverance and dealing with pressure. basically, if he can handle this he can handle anything as mayor. right now polls show weiner in fourth place. this is a crowded field. anything can happen between now and the primary september 10th.
4:36 am
>> i have the questions i want to ask you this afternoon. thank you very much. let's go now to russia. nsa leaker edward snowden's whereabouts are a mystery. u.s. and russian officials are trying to contain the diplomatic fallout from the decision to grant him asylum. they met with a senior aide to putin to discuss his new status. joining me now is kimberly dosier with the associated press. let's listen to how he described this move by russia. >> russia has stabbed us in the back. and each day that snowden is allowed to roam free is another twist of the knife. as long as as prime minister putin acts like a bully, we have only one choice, to stand up to him and show him that bullies pay a price. >> so, kimberly, do you agree
4:37 am
with senator schumer that this is like a knife in the back to the u.s.? because it's not like the u.s. and russia have had the best diplomatic relationship to begin with. do you think the u.s. might retaliate? >> well, as we reported, what this is for putin is a chance to put his thumb in the eye of the united states. this is a way to answer back to issues like the u.s. standing against russia on syria, the u.s. standing against russia on iran and nuclear issues. this is a chance to sort of level the diplomatic playing field. snowden has a year he can stay in russia. he's been given the right to work there. he's being held or posted at an undisclosed location, according to his lawyer. this could go on for quite some time. russia has gotten what it was seeking, attention and u.s. officials having to ask their
4:38 am
permission, ask favors for them over this issue. >> bigger picture here. from an intention perblgt, is russia's decision to grant snowden this temporary asylum, is that a sign that the u.s. can't count on russia in cases of espionage. >> the united states and russia has had this back and forth over the soviet days regarding spies. the illegals were russian citizens given fake identities. they lived in the united states. and eventually they were discovered, expelled, traded for russian spies who had been spying for the united states. so this kind of back and forth is just the north intelligence game that goes on behind closed doors and away from the headlines. just right now we're getting to see -- russia knows how embarrassing this is not just for the u.s. diplomatic community but how concerned the
4:39 am
u.s. intelligence community is over does snowden's -- are his four computers where he says he's carrying all this information, are they safe? can they be penetrated? is snowden going to share any of the information operationally he knows about how the u.s. intelligence systems works? will they know one way or the other? so the longer this drama plays out, the longer those questions are out there. and the longer russia keeps the diplomatic upper hand. >> how is this going to play out regarding the summit that is supposed to happen between the president and president putin? awkward. >> yeah, awkward. white house officials have been reluctant to answer that question. it seems as if they might be holding it out as a carrot and stick. the ultimate insult did not show up, would be to not show up. so at this point they are holding fire on that. >> many thanks as always.
4:40 am
>> thank you. in this week's office politics, former lapd chief bill braden, the commissioner told me what his greatest concern is when it comes to the public safety. >> the largest concern at the moment is the so-called lone wolf, the individual who acts by himself. or as we saw in boston, the two brothers operating below the radar. recently radicalized in the sense to radical islam. and the abilities to check them is much more difficult in some respects to detect a larger plot, al qaeda-inspired plot. recent incidents have indicated the growing momentum toward that lone wolf type of activity with less larger scale operations being undertaken. >> in the days after 9/11, we were all worried new york would
4:41 am
be vulnerable to a similar attack and yet nothing has happened. to what do you attribute that success? >> to a number of factors. we got a lot better at dealing with the international threat. within our borders, homeland security, and the efforts of local police departments such as new york, new york probably and understandably has the most robust counterterrorism capabilities in the country. that's reflective of the attacks that have occurred here and many other attacks that have been attempted. during my time in los angeles i set up what i think is probably the second largest counterterrrorism operation in the country created by a city. that was for los angeles. it looks like new york is always going to be a potential significantly to target terrorists. >> being awarded commander of the most excellence of the
4:42 am
british empire. do i need to call you sir or lord? >> no, at the end of my name, for my british business cards i get cbe. that's the highest award they can give to a nonbritish citizen. and it was given because of the work i had performed during my time of improving the brits and american policeng. >> favorite cop movie? >> there's many. but probably the one that had the most influence on me was a moving starring with henry fonda called the commissioner. it was called madigan but based on a book called the commissioner. about a police commissioner in the 1950s. i first read that book when i was 14 or 15. a few years later the movie madigan came out. it's about a police commissioner and first grade detective. it was a profound influence on
4:43 am
me. i thought it would be great to be a new york city police commissioner. i'm a kid in boston, just starting high school but fascinated with policing. in fact, one of the books on the bookshelf is "your police." it was a book i used to check out of the boston public library all the time. >> was there a particular actor who you think does a great job embodying a police officer or a cop or a detective? >> interesting. there are a number of them. i'm a movie buff. i just love movies. and tv, too, to an extent. i like the older tv shows. tom selleck does a good job on "blue bloods." we both go to emilio's on the upper west side. sean penn. very gifted actor.
4:44 am
controversial personality. did a testimony nominal job in "colors." >> more of our conversation today at 12:00 noon when i ask about the controversy around the nypd stop and frisk policy. could one important group of politicians today help make it happen? some brokerage firms are. but way too many aren't. why? because selling their funds makes them more money. which makes you wonder -- isn't that a conflict? search "proprietary mutual funds." yikes! then go to e-trade. we've got over 8,000 mutual funds, and not one of them has our name on it. we're in the business of finding the right investments for you. e-trade. less for us. more for you. the fund's prospectus contains its investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses, and other important information and should be read and considered carefully before investing. for a current prospectus, visit
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president obama in miss weekly advance is discussions is front and center. joining me now delaware governor and outgoing chairman of that association, jack markell. the governor told me it's a beautiful day in milwaukee. thank you so much for joining me, sir. let's talk, first of all, about the president's renewed push on the economy. your state was at 7.3% unemployment back in june, a
4:48 am
tick below national average. beyond the mental, what needs to happen to snap this country made to lower levels of unemployment? well, a few things. and i think we all ought to take a lead from the businesses themselves. focus in on the things they care the most about. it's a handful of things. one, they want to make sure they're in communities with great schools, great workforce and focus on making sure there's a linkage between the skills we're teaching and the skills that are valued in the marketplace. looking for great responsiveness. we in delaware just finished a year-long effort to reduce reimpacted regularing hraeugzs. so a variety of things we have to focus on. governors across the country are doing just that. >> do you hear in your state and other governors a sense of the widening gap between the haves and the have-nots. and jay-z was on about bill
4:49 am
maher and he said that was at the root of this nation's so many problems. >> a lot of us focus on economic mobility. historically the united states was one of the best places in the world. where no matter how you were born in terms of what income level you could rise above that. that's changed a bit over the years. it's something we've got to focus on, focusing on education is critical. one of the real things we focused on this year has to do with jobs for people with disabilities. we just released yesterday this blueprint focused -- it's called aribert bottom line. how we give people with disabilities a better opportunity for employment. >> i know that's something that's been a very admirable cause on your behalf, sir. let's talk about the recent food strike by fast food workers. employment strike. how could governors help with the minimum wage question. does it hurt your ability if the state raises it beyond the federal level?
4:50 am
>> this is the old age debate. we actually took a look at this last year in delaware. the economic research is somewhat mixed. many businesses pay a lot more than the minimum wage. some of the folks it wouldn't affect them much. others that pay closer to the minimum wage think it will have more of an impact. most of the research says it is unlikely to have a big impact, but a big economic debate. >> what about a obama care? i would like you to listen to something from last week. >> the states that have committed themselves to making this law work are finding the competition and choice are actually pushing costs down. >> he says it's lowering costs. what is your assessment? >> you know, i think the jury is just really coming in now and state after state. we don't have the final numbers yet for delaware, but what i can tell you and a lot of
4:51 am
conversation about health care at this meeting of the governor's association. the real work on health care has less to do with the implementation of the affordable care act and really has to do with the innovations going on across the country to transform the way we deliver and pay for health care. moving away from the old fee for service model and moving towards a model where people get paid whether they are keeping patients well and whether they're doing so at a reasonable cost. >> that is where the most exciting work is going on in health care. >> thank you so much, governor jack howell. a big victory this morning for those stand your ground sit-in protesters. but will it end the 19-day demonstration? you can part a , without saying a word... if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze... you stash tissues like a squirrel stashes nuts... well muddlers, muddle no more. try zyrtec®. it gives you powerful allergy relief.
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high quality ingredients, including 23 vitamins and minerals. to help keep him strong. dog chow strong.
4:54 am
new this morning a big breakthrough for protesters demanding stand your ground law. he will order hearings on the law this fall. camped out at the capital building for about three weeks now after george zimmerman was found not guilty in the death of
4:55 am
17-year-old trayvon martin. joining me now executive director of dream defenders. good morning to you. let's talk to about this announcement. are you happy with it or is it just not everything you wanted? >> we are always happy with small victories. we know this is a marathon and not a sprint. slight mischaracteration. we're not protesters for stand your ground. we were there fighting for young people at the capital and we've been discussing actively stand your ground and we're happy with this small measure of success we celebrated for a short time, but we know there is more work to do. >> let's talk about the sit-ins. three weeks now. will you continue them despite this concession or do you think you're going to give a little something back, too? >> we're 19 days in and few of us were joking we'd love to see what 30 days and 40 days look like, but we've got a few more issues we've got to discuss. we came here presenting a total
4:56 am
package for our lawmakers and we're happy to see that there is some progress. there is no progress without struggle and we've been struggling and we continue to do that until we discuss the other two issues and they get their day before our lawmakers. >> poll released yesterday said 53% support the stand your ground laws and 43% oppose. what is the strategy going forward if the effort to change this law fails? >> well, first, we've got to get to a substantive debate. so, we're looking forward to having that debate. we feel like we've over the past few weeks that we've been in the capital been able to adequately and elqutly convey our position and we don't believe the other side will be able to do that. we're looking forward to that first. if not, the people will keep working to eliminate this law and any other law that condones and encourages violence.
4:57 am
>> well, i admire your tactics, you guys have gone about it peacefully. good luck with dream defenders. this hour with "weekends with alax witt" will air from noon to 2:00 eastern. stay tuned for "up with steve kornacki." on every purchase every day. great businesses deserve unlimited rewards. read back the chicken's testimony, please. "buk, buk, bukka!" [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase every day. told you i'd get half. what's in your wallet?
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there are cracks but no big republican crack up, at least not yet. for a few hours this week, it looked like the wall of republican opposition to president obama was finally crumbling apart. when the week began gop threats to shut down the government until obama care was defunded seemed to be fading away. lindsey graham of south carolina, he's one of eight republicans negotiate aing with the administration on a potential spending deal suggested he was open to

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